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We're sure all of us can think of one or a few topics in our communities that are difficult to openly discuss as you feel as though you would be criticised. 

These barriers of restraint are a major reason why people end up struggling in silence....


We aim to use our platform to elevate voices that need to be heard and help causes that need to be served.

We strive to build mosques in the name of ahlulbayt and help those that are less fortunate and become their voice. Just because something isn't widely talked about doesn't mean it's not just as important of a conversation to be had.

.Staying silent about these issues can cause more harm than good. This is why our voice is dedicated to something bigger than just selling our luxury prayer mats and Islamic accessories.

We Launched a Islamic line where 25% of sales are donated to the poor in countries that are struggling and raising awareness for those in  need. We are also aiming to build imam baragahs and masjids for those who are less fortunate so that they are able to be taught deen of ahlulbayt. We are also aiming to make a difference in families that are struggling lives so that they are able to enjoy the daily things we take for granted.

Ya Allah forgive us if we have taken anything for granted. Ameen.

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